Saturday, March 23, 2013

No Comment #2 - Design Overview

In fussing with these design videos, I decided to break them down into small areas of the build so you could surf the ones that are of interest and skip the others... but you won't, right? :)

This first post-build video is of the design and where some of the ideas came from and some of the changes that happened along the way.  Also shows the table where it will go and what the onyx cap is for.

Subsequent build videos will cover each part in more detail, like the table top, the tapered octagon, the legs, a special video on just the stone shaping, coloring and finishing, and ultimately something on assembly since there are some interesting points to that as well.

After putting you through an hour-long video, this one is just a bit over 8 minutes!

Thanks for watching and welcome to the new subscribers... seemed to have gotten a lot lately!


  • Tim Raleigh said...

    I like the length of this video, it was just about perfect for this ADD type.
    I am always think furniture like architecture can evoke emotions.
    I like the top and scallop shape but I think the legs are a bit aggressive. I do like the finish and I think the black compliments the top...if that makes any sense.

  • HalfInchShy said...

    Thanks, Tim... the legs definitely take a larger dominance than in most projects. I think the angle you view them at in the video may make them look more like wasp legs than in person; dunno, but I like them. And I completely agree that these kind of projects should evoke an emotion. Now if I could get guests to quit jumping over the banister edge when the legs scare them :)

    A friend of mine dubbed the table the "Tim Burton Table"; I may not follow movies much, but that name couldn't be better!

  • Unknown said...

    I really liked your description of the design process. ( I do that kind of thinking at about 4 am as I am trying to fall back asleep from a pee break. ) When I watched the long build video I could not figure out why the bottom of the table had so much attention, I usually don't even sand that area. Now I see why. You realize, of course, this will go into your decision making if you ever think of moving.

    I didn't see wasp legs, more like daddy long legs.

  • HalfInchShy said...

    Thanks, Nicholas! You are correct, when I move, I have to stipulate that there be stairs leading to a landing where a demilune will go.