Thursday, November 1, 2012

WIA'12-Pasadena: Metropolis II at LACMA

After the Woodworking in America conference in Pasadena this year, I stayed awhile longer to take in some woodworking sights and meet with some fantastic woodworkers.

Chris Wong and I went to the LA County Museum of Art to see their decorative arts and also Metropolis II, an interesting piece of kinetic art made mostly of household items like Lincoln Logs, tile, blocks, along with a custom-made track and motor mechanism to drive the Matchbox cars around the display.  There are also several electric trains in the exhibit that make stops along the way to their destination.

The whole thing was Chris Burden's second piece to represent the busy busy city life complete with lots of traffic.  It has 18 roadways including a 6-lane highway.  Metropolis I only had 88 cars while Metropolis II picks up the pace with 1,800.

The exhibit opened January 2012 and will run for 10 years.

This video has no commentary; the first 3 minutes are a visual tour of the piece.  The last 5 are as the piece comes to life with cars whipping around all over.

Even while editing this clip, I noticed more and more things in the piece.  Might need to pause the video a few times to catch everything.

While not truly "woodworking", it's a fun exhibit.  There were a number of great items in the decorative arts section that I'll be posting next.