Monday, October 8, 2012

Review of the Festool Ti-15 Hybrid Impact Driver

I've had a Festool Ti-15 hybrid impact driver for about a month now; Festool USA kindly sent me one before the October 1st public launch for review purposes.  Thanks!

The Ti-15 is labeled a hybrid impact driver because it can also operate like a regular drill; for the tradesman, this can simplify life by giving you only one thing to carry for both functions and one set of batteries to keep track of.  And like most of today's hybrids, it's green :)

After editing this review, I realized it's a half hour.  Some parts talking about how an impact driver works might bore those of you who already know; have a sudoku ready.  But I've talked to people who don't know the benefits of 'impact' mode so it seemed relevant.  Besides, you guys should be used to my long reviews :)

I'll admit that when I first received the Ti-15, I didn't think it was the best fit considering I think of myself as more of a furniture maker than a reno/construction guy; the former use more wood-to-wood joints while the latter use more screws for good reason.  But having it around made me realize how many screws and nuts I drive for many non-furniture projects.  Having a hybrid tool with more power than my ultra-handy CXS is very handy around the shop and I've regrettably not been in my shop as much as usual.  Nice surprise.

The review ends with some demos mostly of the impact mode; we're all pretty familiar with a drill :)

Popcorn ready? (Sudoku, too?!) cue it up...

While you watch, I'm going to have a burrito with "hybrid" salsa... (green salsa) okay that was silly...


  • Don said...

    Hi Paul; just sat through your educational review of the Festool TI-15. Have to admit, I learned a little more about how the impact "pulses" vs the hammerdrill "hammering". Great video quality by the way. Gotta get me one of those carts so I can move myself out of the way to add an editorial comment! Ha-ha.
    Will likely watch it again. Yes, I DO have a life but just want to make sure I absorbed all the good stuff in the vid.
    Greetings from B.C. Canada ("Hockeyland"....not!)

  • Anonymous said...

    As always, excellent video. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.


  • Anonymous said...

    Hi, good review, only thing missing for me was drilling capacities. Can you use a 2- 1/8 hole saw with it? a regular chore in home construction. Also if you could explain the difference between hybrid and regular T15 (besides impact mode) Thanks and always look forward to your reviews. Regards Bill

  • Tony Lima said...

    Thanks for the thorough review, and great explanations. Really excited that Festool finally came out with an impact driver!