Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Want to Watch a John Townsend Grandfather's Clock Build?

I have been eager to see this guild build come up!  I love grandfather's clocks; not sure where I'd put one in my house, but I'll find a place if I decide to do this build.

Charles Neil is starting a build of a Townsend Tall Clock similar to the one shown here (for more details, visit the Met's page).  Earlier this year, he took a week off to visit the Metropolitan Museum to see the John Goddard and John Townsend collections to get a better feel on how to do this build.

If you visit his site, you can scroll down a ways for the links to photos and video taken (regrettably with a phone) in the museum.  It's under the section title "Visit To NY Metropolitan Museum of Art".  That shows you the idea.  The photos of the clock detail are here.

Even if you don't ever plan on building a clock like this, there'll be a lot of excellent take-away that can be applied to your other projects.  Currently until July 29, 2012, he's running a special: 3 month subscription for the price of 2.  With a long episode a week, that's a lot of content.  Definitely worth considering.  Here's the subscription link.

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