Monday, January 23, 2012

Some site maintenance... won't be long :)

Tonight I'll be starting a move of my site to a different hosting company; their plans will better allow me to add features like local "non-Blogger" pages, video hosting for iTunes, and maybe a download section if I ever make something worth downloading!  When I originally created the site, I punted and took a blogger recommended host GoDaddy, but I really don't like that company especially in light of the recent SOPA initiatives.

During the migration, projected for just 24 hours, you might experience things that look like the site is down.  If for some reason you really want to browse the blog during this window, it is still ultimately hosted by Blogger at

Thanks! See you on the other side... during the transition, I need to wrap my head around some compound angle stuff so that should be the first video after the move!


  • Brian said...

    compound miters! how much fun. times like that would be nice to have the kapex.

  • Jeff said...

    Good choice to move away from GoDaddy. I look forward to the new "place."


  • HalfInchShy said...

    So I flipped the NoDaddy switch, but now have to wait for the domain registration to transfer to HostGator. While I could keep registration at GoDaddy, I don't like them so would rather carry all my business to one place. We'll see how it goes.

    I signed up for GoDaddy reluctantly back when I wanted my own domain name to my Blogger-hosted blog as it is a recommended provider. Thing is, I signed up for storage space and bandwidth and both numbers are laughable. I can upgrade to an account that would just hold all my videos... two more videos and it would be full. Oh, and no bandwidth for anybody to watch them without me paying overages; ha! costs enough to serve this.

    With HostGator, the account is pretty inexpensive, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, and allows me to have a subdomain for the video files. Hoping to later configure the blog for podcasting so people can easily get the videos to their network media devices like iPads, media centers, Apple TV, Google TV, etc.

  • HalfInchShy said...

    The compound miters are giving me headaches. I wanted to derive the forumlas myself for this project instead of looking them up; my head kept trying to solve them instead of sleeping last night. Stupid head.

    I have to admit it has been too long since I did anything in spherical coordinates.

  • Unknown said...

    Which hosting package did you go with from HostGator? Are you still happy with it?

  • HalfInchShy said...

    Hi, Jonathan,

    Yes, very happy with HostGator. Now, to GoDaddy's credit, I didn't have any problem with them per se either, although all I was really doing with them was redirecting my domain name to blogger. Anything beyond that was going to start costing a lot.

    With HostGator, I am still just redirecting my domain to blogger, but I also have "unlimited" storage and bandwidth. I have not yet gotten off my butt to transcode all my videos to the 2-3 appropriate target formats and upload them; it's a long daunting task. I have, however, put some of the blog's data on the HostGator server and have used it to serve data files for some of my side projects.

    My package is "Unlimited Web Hosting - Baby Plan". When you sign up for the package, you can get a domain name transferred for free, but you have to ask customer support for it.

    What I like about Host Gator is that I get easy access to my server files via WebDAV; it looks like a network disk on my Mac. WebDAV isn't the fastest thing so I also use FTP. Naturally any service will support these. The cPanel control panel is very full featured. If you know what you're doing, you can take care of all the DNS record editing you need. If you're a web dev and want to add additional services, you can easily enable Ruby (Rails and Gem), PerlModules, and PHP.

    I will say that HostGator is less turn-key than GoDaddy, but then some of what I'm doing with my service wouldn't be supported in any one-size-fits-all preconfigured setting.

    I think you'll be happy with them. Do remember that I don't run a business on them so if it went down for an hour in the past 6 months, I didn't notice but as a business I would have. That said, I think it's been up all this time.

  • Jonathan Mulzer said...

    Interesting. I own a technology company and when we first started, we hosted through GoDaddy because it is ubiquitous, cheap and easy to use. We have long ago outgrown their capabilities, but it is just such a pain to move. Seriously, I think moving hosting is almost as bad as moving houses.

    Their recent support of SOPA, and the resulting attacks on their DNS servers has become tiring though. Not to mention that they lost a client's website and we did not have a backup for that particular one so we had to recreate all of the PHP and HTML. We at least had a backup of the database, but I still had to burn all of the profit I made on that site.

    I was hoping that you self-hosted your blog so that I had some idea of how painless their transfer options were. How do you like their DNS service?

    Sorry to hit you with so many questions, but I value your input. We are both nerds/woodworkers so I feel like we would be on the same page. :)

  • HalfInchShy said...

    Hi, Jonathan,

    Like the previous reply in the thread mentions, I'm pretty happy with HostGator. It is more work than a GoDaddy account to setup at least for what I wanted to do because they use cPanel for management whereas GoDaddy has their own elaborate panel that sets up more for you.

    If I've had any DNS problems, I never noticed. Again, since I'm not a business or high-volume site, it is difficult to know if I disappeared from the internets for a time here and there.

    Some consultant friends of mine use HostGator for clients so that says something. I only found out after I moved!