Saturday, September 24, 2011

See you at WIA '11!

At the end of the month, I'll be heading to Kentucky for the Woodworking in America '11 conference!

This will be my first WIA, but certainly not my last.  It is packed with world-renown instructors, a marketplace, and a bunch of my friends will be there.  The picture above of the convention site is from a friend.  In fact, I'm even doing my part for cross-border relations and hosting a Canadian at the show: Chris Wong, who recently launched a new tool company with his friend Garth Schafer called Time Warp Toolworks.  He'll be at the show showing off his line of molding and rabbeting planes.

In my case, the attendance will be a little unusual.  John Economaki asked Jointmaker Pro owners for volunteers to do demos at WIA.  Of the many billions of entries, mine was chosen along with three other very interesting woodworkers.  Though none of us has met in person, we've been online friends for a long time and can assure you there are some interesting personalities to keep you entertained.

At the demo, there'll be 6 Jointmaker Pros setup in different ways and you can try your hand at it.  John is working on a very interesting project as a demo of some of the crazy things you can do with a Jointmaker Pro; just seeing how many parts he can get out of a cubic inch of wood will be entertaining.

If you are attending WIA, please wander by and introduce yourself!  Looking forward to it!