Sunday, April 10, 2011

Quilted Maple Picture Frame - Profile Buildup and Laminating

Playing a bit of video-editing catch-up this weekend.  I had started making a quilted Maple frame for my best friend one fine weekend and made little bits of progress during the week.

In this video, I spent a fair bit of time discussing why we'll add another glue line to the frame and how to alter colored dyes.


  • Brian said...

    yay! excited to see part tres.
    quick question, do you cut your veneer with the veneer between the blade and fence or on the free side of the blade? thanks

  • HalfInchShy said...

    Thanks, Brian! Personally, I'm excited to see part tres, too!

    I always cut veneer on the free side of the blade. I have a Laguna Drift Master fence on my bandsaw (well, considering the size of my bandsaw, it's more like I have a Drift Master fence with a bandsaw attached). What is nice about that fence is being able to dial the position of the fence. With veneer, you can easily cut 1/8" slices by turning the wheel 3 times (1/16" motion for each turn... 2 for the 1/8" you want and 1/16" to account for the blade). Very nice an consistent.

    What I don't like about cutting veneer between the blade and fence is that near the end of the cut, you have a very awkward time keeping the stock registered well since you're pinching the kerf to keep it against the fence.

    I bet this still goes under the category of "personal preference", though.