Thursday, September 2, 2010

Veneer Tape as Labels

I bought some veneer tape from Lee-Valley awhile back.  Thing is, it comes in ginormous of 650 feet.  Other thing is, it is basically a long postage stamp you can write on!  Here you can see how I've labeled some boards on the rack with veneer tape and a Sharpie.  The tape can be easily removed if you get it damp or with a pass of a scraper.  Certainly more visible and durable than the chalk I used before (like still on the bottom lacewood board).

Now, here I am using it on boards on the storage rack, but it could be useful for labeling parts as it really is just paper stuck to the board so it is clearly readable and doesn't disappear like chalk or stay forever like graphite (in porous woods).

Added thought: if you're a podcaster making woodworking videos, a strip of veneer tape can make joinery marks show up clearly on dark woods :) (Hi, Marc!)

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