Thursday, July 29, 2010

General Finishes Sample Packs

I'm doing a trivial stand for a friend's new 55" flatscreen.  He bought a nice low stand for the components, but need a smaller stand on the top to get the TV to a good viewing height and house the center speaker.  Thing is, they want an exact match on the finish.  This comes up too often.

Rockler Woodworking sells a fantastic sample pack for General Finishes' stains and dyes.  There are 5 packs available depending on the type of dye or stain (water or oil-based) along with one for milk paints.  The boards are a good size, have a clearcoat on them, and are dual sided: one side is oak the other birch.  Getting a match to my friend's entertainment center took all of a minute and best of all, I didn't have to carry the drawer to the store to match to the samples mounted way up high.

The packs aren't cheap at $20 each, but I got them on a sale and really only use the water-based dyes and water-based stains.  Definitely worth considering.


  • Anonymous said...

    Hey Paul, where have you been? I haven't been on TWW for a while but I put in a good shift today. I am excited to get back in the shop, but I want to hear how your doing and how the trip was! Get a hold of me! Later buddy