Sunday, September 6, 2009



My name is Paul-Marcel St-Onge and this is my blog about woodworking observations. I got into woodworking via 'remodeling' about two years ago. Not really sure what triggered the interest, but I generally tell people that I had too much discretionary savings lying around that needed to be spent and woodworking is easily the fastest (second only to gambling) that I know of to mow through money like it grew on trees (while mowing through trees, naturally).

I don't plan on putting up long dissertations on why your planing angle sucks and mine rocks, or why you shouldn't worship the 'Delter Unisawyer' simply because it inhabits most cabinet shops in the country. No, rather, I plan on putting up those silly observations I get from time to time and feel they might be useful. Think of this as a twit, er, tweet stream permanently homed for your Googling pleasure.

I also occasionally stream from my shop while putzing. You can find that stream at: lets me tweet when I start a broadcast, which generally lasts hours. My Twitter page is and is generally not enlightening. I haven't streamed as often lately since my dad fell ill; instead, I do video Skype directly with him to let him pass the time as though he was in the shop.

blah blah blah, less boring crap and more observations!


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